Investing in the community

Through its ongoing dialogue with the local communities where it does business, Autogrill Group develops projects of mutual interest and information campaigns on specific issues designed to contribute to an improved quality of life and protection of the surrounding environment.

Despite the recession, Autogrill Group continued to support non-profit and charitable organizations which work on a local, national and international scale. Such support is in the form of cash donated by Group companies (direct donation), fund-raising amongst staff, consumers and suppliers (indirect donation) and donation of food and/ or goods in normal use at points of sale, thus giving an immediate and substantial contribution to numerous associations (goods and services donation).

The Group gave over € 1.5m to various organizations and associations in 2009.

Group donations *

group donations

* In 2009, the business units that contributed to the community were North America and the Pacific Area, Austria, France, Italy and Ireland in the Food & Beverage sector, and World Duty Free and Aldeasa in the Travel Retail sector

Direct donations

Donations made directly by Group companies amounted to around € 380,000.


 Food & Beverage
Travel Retail e Duty-Free

North America and
the Pacific Area

Aldeasa and Retail UK 
(€) 2009 2008 2007 2009 2008 2007 2009 2008 2007
Medical assistance and/or research 20,007 13,152 17,127 1,153 20,300 6,925 25,447
Humanitarian activities 29,190 51,114 35,398 4,500 18,700 56,000 25,717 218
Child assistance 10,314 60,762 7,954 53,333 38,879 51,000 6,000 11,023 6,000
Training and education 37,585 65,976 48,388 11,000 10,000 15,000 42,071 42,071 42,071
Sport and recreation 17,874 37,446 7,950 4,250 30,000 11,774 6,000
Other 5,315 11,651 1,434 2,139 22,324 90,000 97,683 111,058 68,179
Total 120,285 240,102 118,250 76,374 110,203 248,925 183,245 189,817 122,250

HSMHost distributed a total of € 120,285 in 2009. The most significant direct donations went to:

  • United Way, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help communities in difficulty to build a better quality of life;
  • Food Bank, a non-profit organization that distributes food that would otherwise be wasted to the needy;
  • LAANE - LA Alliance for a New Economy – an organization that supports initiatives to promote the building of a sustainable economy for future generations (e.g. reduction of poverty, job creation, etc.);
  • TELACU, a foundation set up in 1983 to promote progress in communities in California, Illinois, Texas and New York through training and educational programmes.

In Europe, donations reached a total of € 76,374. The most important donations went to Fabbrica del Sorriso, amounting to around € 45,000, in addition to funds raised through consumers who bought the Dono Card and the Menù del Sorriso (Smile Menu).

Aldeasa made direct donations of € 128,406 in 2009, mainly to:

  • Fundaciòn IberoAmericana Down21, a non-profit organization involved in promoting and socially integrating people affected by Down’s syndrome in Spain and South America;
  • Fundación Padre Arrupe, which has been supporting the social, human and environmental development of peoples in El Salvador since 1992: Aldeasa once again contributed to the Program for the Integral Training in Education and Health in Senegal and El Salvador which, to date, has made it possible to build a learning centre consisting of nine buildings spread out over 13,941 m2;
  • Xaley Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports young children in Senegal with training programmes to give them an opportunity to build a future. For the next three years Aldeasa is committed to supporting “Children make progress”, a Xaley Ca Kanam project in St. Louis, and will try to guarantee better living conditions for them;
  • Obra Social De Accodiga Y Desarollo is a non-profit organization set up in 1997 by the Spanish government; its main activity is helping socially marginalized people such as the poor and homeless and the disabled. Obra helps these groups by giving them a home, food, medical care, training and work. It runs a work centre where handicapped people can find jobs.

Indirect donations

Thanks to awareness raising amongst employees and consumers, the Group managed to raise funds totalling € 877,790.


  Food & Beverage  Travel Retail & Duty-Free 
  North America and
the Pacific Area
Europe Aldeasa and Retail UK 
(€) 2009 2008 2007 2009 2008 2007 2009 2008 2007
Medical assistance and/or research 508,024  626,561 280,545 53,000
Humanitarian activities 4,997  17,740  37,976 18,976 2,500  109,683  15,070
Child assistance 99,282  130,305  8,987 133,466 200,523 260,600
Training and education 269  3,740  8,201 1,228 2,000
Sport and recreation 143  125,169  38,132
Other  12,081 2,399 99,025  10,000 2,951
Total 612,714 915,596 376,239 152,442 300,776 328,100 112,634 15,070

HMSHost’s main efforts were with:

  • Children’s Miracle Network, a non-profit organization involved in research into children’s diseases, comprising various major paediatric hospitals which treat over 17 million children a year;
  • Coaches vs. Cancer, a programme against cancer pooling the efforts of the American Cancer Society and the National Association of Basketball Coaches;
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society, an association that supports medical research and prepares people and their families for the development of the disease; it works in 50 American States;Tim Horton Foundation, set up by the Canadian catering group Tim Horton, a brand managed under license by HMSHost.

In Europe, the Group’s companies renewed their commitment to the primary campaigns supported in the past which included:

  • Fabbrica del Sorriso (Smile Factory), an initiative launched in autumn 2003 to raise money to support no-profit associations active in Italy and worldwide to help needy children. Fund raising was carried out by Autogrill for four weeks in 500 sales points (Ciao and Spizzico) with a special menu (Menù del Sorriso), through which customers donated € 0.10 per meal, as well as € 2 DonoCards, which were made available in all network points of sale. Both initiatives allowed to raise € 46,000;
  • Telethon France: all sales points on motorways and in railways and airports in France participated in the 2009 fund raising with a Telethon menu, part of which (€ 0.30 or € 0.50 depending on the menu chosen) was donated to the association.
    The total amount raised was € 80,000;
  • Clinic Clowns: an association that entertains sick children in The Netherlands; it was funded with around € 7,000.

Following the tragic earthquake in Abruzzo on 6th April 2009, colleagues in the network organized a fund raising campaign in Italy to help colleagues in the point of sale at Valle Aterno Ovest (Aquila). They raised around € 19,000, part of which was donated to the nine colleagues in proportion to their losses and the rest to ARS Abruzzo Labor, a non-profit organization supporting local communities.

In 2009 World Duty Free continued to support the “Love One Water” project in Africa by selling special water bottles (carrying the project logo) to help fund the construction of “PlayPumps” which entertain kids and supply water. To boost the involvement of its employees, WDF launched the “Pride of WDF Award” for the best colleague in terms of welcoming and serving customers; the prize was a trip to Africa to help with the work of One Foundation in installing the PlayPumps, building a garden and rebuilding the local school.

Donations of goods and services

Autogrill Group also supports the world of non-profit organizations through the donation of food products and/or goods used in the normal course of business in sales points, providing immediate, tangible assistance. In 2009 the total monetary value of goods donated amounted to approximately € 278,183.

Goods and services

Food & Beverage 
North America and
the Pacific Area
(€) 2009 2008 2007 2009 2008 2007
Medical assistance and/or research 38,998 35,656 5,934
Humanitarian activities 29,054 48,070 68,489 169,764 245,760 225,391
Child assistance 3,190 4,829 5,268 100
Training and education 9,267 5,793 7,518
Sport and recreation 10,467 15,014 8,528
Other 17,443 12,361 2,340
Total 108,419 121,722 98,078 169,764 245,860 225,391

Autogrill Italy renewed its support of needy families by donating goods and food products worth more than € 167,000. As in the past, donations were made primarily to Fondazione Banco Alimentare (committed to providing food to more than 1.2 million people each day), Caritas Italiana (an organization of religious origin which offers daily assistance to the needy throughout Italy and through special relief projects abroad following natural disasters) and to the Italian Red Cross. Donations were also made, however, to less renowned but firmly rooted local organizations.

HMSHost donated goods and services worth around € 108,000 in 2009. Donations went mainly to United Service Organization Inc., Food Bank, International Special Olympics Program (an international sports training and athletic competition programme involving over a million young and adult people with physical handicaps or mental problems), and various foundations promoted by the airports where HMSHost operates.


Culture, entertainment and sport
There were numerous events during the year in which the Group’s participation and experience were visible to the public, including:

  • “Dal dire al fare” (29-30 September 2009), Corporate Social Responsibility Show (CSR) at the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan, where Autogrill organized a laboratory entitled “Destination Environment: integrated waste management” to discuss waste collection and recycling of waste in its points of sale;
  • “Sport, young people and corporate social responsibility in the territory” at the Centro Congressi Fondazione Cariplo (20 November 2009), during which it was emphasized that sport increasingly serves as an all-round catalyst in society;
  • “Cortina incontra”, a festival focussing on current affairs, in Cortina d’Ampezzo. Autogrill took part in a seminar entitled “The green economy as a way to survive the crisis, save the environment and exploit agriculture better”;
  • “Cresco - Compatible Growth”, a project promoted by Fondazione Sodalitas and developed in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, with support from Lombardia local government and the participation of ANCI, Legambiente, Cittadinanzattiva, The Natural Step; for the first time in Italy, 23 leading corporations, including Autogrill Italy, got together to present their best sustainability practice and form local communities to promote sustainable behaviour everyday;
  • Autogrill Italy supported “Special Olympics Italia Onlus”, an amateur sports association, by sponsoring a team to represent Italy at the European Games.

Over the years, Aldeasa has extended its social commitment through the support of major organizations including:

  • Fundaciòn Arel, a forum for dialogue between Spain and Italy organized by the Italian Agenzia di Ricerche e Legislazione (AREL - Research and Legislation Agency) and the Cibol Foundation, Barcelona; it focuses on major economic and institutional topics, through research, publications and debates, lobbies for new legislation and studies issues which are critical for the development of Italian society and its European/global positioning;
  • Casa de América, a partnership founded in 1990 and integrated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with the community of Madrid and its administration; it created a forum of ideas and dialogue on economic, political, cultural and technological issues in the Hispanic-American area; Aldeasa sponsored events organized by the Association in 2009;
  • Fundaciòn Amigos del Museo del Prad, which promotes and supports the Prado’s cultural activities; and the “Apostol Santiago cathedral-sanctuary” in Santiago de Compostela (Spain): research and conservation of bibliographical documentation in the cathedral.

As well as participating in conventions and other events, Autogrill has Food & Beverage and Retail operations inside 50 prestige cultural locations (museums, historic buildings, universities), with an offering of services tailored to visitors to such places; they are located in cities like Madrid (Palacio Real), Paris (Carrousel du Louvre and the Gardens of Versailles), New York (Empire State Building), Houston (Space Center), Venice (Università Ca’ Foscari), Milan (Triennale and Mondadori Multicenter, piazza Duomo), Siena (Piazza del Campo) and Turin (Cinema Museum in the Mole Antonelliana).

Over the last year Autogrill:

  • provided Food & Beverage services for accredited journalists in the Media Village at the G8 summit in L’Aquila (8-10 July 2009), in the “Scuola Sottufficiali della Guardia di Finanza”, Coppito; serving over 3,500 journalists from 60 countries, the offering drew on local Abruzzo traditions alongside international recipes catering for the diversity of tastes and religious creeds;
  • secured a 6-year contract to operate Food & Beverage services on the Pompeii excavation site; the building containing the point of sale – around 300 m2 on the ground floor and around 320 m2 of open terrace on the 1st floor – is in the Forum Baths, in a strategic point some 50 metres from the Forum, the square in Pompeii, next to “Nero’s Arch”. Autogrill will deploy its ACafè and Spizzico concepts for the Food & Beverage offering, which will also promote local food and wine.
    Autogrill is also funding a scholarship for excavation site research activities organized by Pompeii’s archaeological department.