The social dimension of sustainability

The scenario

The social dimension of sustainability is highly complex and needs to be studied both as a reality to be monitored and managed and as a source of business opportunities. Employees seek good working relations, career opportunities and a balance between work and family life. Consumers on one hand demand products that are natural and functional and on the other desire products and services that guarantee a pleasant experience. Business partners require transparency and fairness in relationships. The community increasingly wants to be involved in decisions made by organizations that affect the local community, its economy and the environment.

In an international corporation like Autogrill that offers services to people on the move in over 40 countries, managers from different cultures must implement a virtuous business model which is able to interact in a common language across a range of commercial concepts and offerings. The new projects outlined in this section demonstrate the Group’s sense of responsibility towards its stakeholders, its efforts to help people grow, its pursuit of a transversal product offering, its attention to new eating habits, its collaboration with reliable business partners and its support for local communities.


Topics addressed


topics addressed