How to read the Sustainability Report

To ensure a balanced and objective presentation of Autogrill Group’s performance, the 2009 Sustainability Report applied the principles of materiality, completeness and stakeholder inclusiveness, along with the sustainability context defined by GRI guidelines, to the topics considered by Autogrill to be most relevant in terms of their direct effect on the Company and indirect influence on its stakeholders.

Principles for defining the content of the report


The Group’s approach to sustainability is a guarantee of its integrated management across different business sectors and geographical regions.

The Sustainability Report should be read along with the “2009 Report and Accounts” and the “Corporate Governance Report” which are available on the Group’s web site

Structure of the report

The Sustainability Report for 2009 mirrors the format of the “2009 Report and Accounts”, in which the Group is divided into three business sectors: Food & Beverage, Travel Retail & Duty-Free and Flight. The Group’s gradual diversification in the previous two years with respect to its original Food & Beverage business has made the previous segmentation by geographical regions and channels less significant. Readers should note, however, that reporting on the Food & Beverage sector refers to business in North America, the Pacific and Europe, while information on the Travel Retail & Duty-Free sector refers to Aldeasa and World Duty Free (WDF) and their subsidiaries. Reporting on the Flight sector refers to performance by Alpha Flight and its subsidiaries. Limitations are duly signalled.

The Group intends to gradually extend the reporting scope to include certain socioenvironmental indicators for its more significant subsidiaries.

Reporting boundary and source of information

The quantitative data in the Report refer to companies controlled as of 31 December 2009, unless indicated otherwise. Economic and financial information was taken from the Hyperion system (which automates periodical consolidation accounting procedures and compilation of the “2009 Report and Accounts”). All the other social and environmental information is based on validated data and information from the Sustainability Package (the GRI-G3 based reporting system that collects sustainability information and data from the various countries). Monetary amounts are stated in millions of euro (abbreviated to €m) or thousands of euro (€k) unless otherwise specified. Aggregate figures based on estimates are explicitly stated as such.

Interactive Sustainability Report

On its path towards sustainability, the Company decided to eliminate hard copy versions of the Report, which is now provided in an interactive version accessible from the web site (“Sustainability” section) and in the traditional format which is downloadable from said web site. This solution reconciles the style of the hard copy version with the practicality of the web, enabling readers to rapidly and efficiently surf the document directly online and only print the pages of interest to them.