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The global size of the Travel Retail & Duty-Free market is roughly $ 37 billion 1 and reflects a number of trends: the rise in per capita income has influenced travellers’ expectations and the range of products; transport systems have evolved; and there are significant savings to be made by purchasing goods under favourable tax regulations.

With the acquisition of Aldeasa, Alpha Group and World Duty Free, Autogrill has become one of the world’s leading airport retail operators.

The biggest market is Europe, with a strong concentration in the United Kingdom and Spain. The Group also has a significant presence in the Middle East, the Americas and Asia.

In the United Kingdom, Travel Retail & Duty-Free operations are performed by World Duty Free, while in Spain, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia they are handled by Aldeasa.

The Group serves a mostly international clientele, with a range of products consisting primarily of fragrances, cosmetics, spirits, tobacco products and candy.

Autogrill’s “shop-in-shops” gather different kinds of merchandise together in one space, creating department stores that combine the savings of duty-free with the cachet of namebrand stores. They feature:

  • souvenir shops for a country’s typical products and brands, which create strong endorsements for the area (this trend is especially noteworthy in Spain and the United Kingdom, with concepts like “Thinking España” and “Glorious Britain”);
  • corners for the most internationally prestigious brands (luxury apparel and cosmetics);
  • concepts developed internally to attain excellence in a specific product (i.e. World of Whiskies).

Travel Retail & Duty-Free locations by region

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