Environmental training and communication

Courses are organized continuously in order to raise employees’ awareness of environmental issues and the need to reduce waste. Employees are shown how to correctly use and turn off equipment (hot plates, ovens, fryers, dishwashers, etc.) in idle moments of the day to achieve significant savings.

New “green” internal communication campaigns were organized. One example is a newsletter in which World Duty Free presented the launch of its “Change the world 9 to 5” initiative to both staff and customers. It explained daily action that can lessen our environmental footprint, such as not leaving PCs on stand-by, turning off unnecessary lights, not leaving cell-phones on charge when already fully charged and avoiding stationery waste. All of these small efforts can reduce costs, consumption and atmospheric emissions.

Another example is Autogrill France’s “Planet A” newsletter, which is printed on recycled paper.

Ahead of the summer season 2009, Autogrill Italy launched an internal communication campaign on saving resources and safeguarding the environment. Entitled “Small Gestures for Big Results”, the campaign was part of the Company’s commitment to building a sustainable business and alerted employees to the need to save water and light and sort waste. The campaign visuals, posted up in points of sale and head office, were photos of POS operators doing the little things that everyone can do to reduce our impact on the environment.

Group companies, including Autogrill France, HMSHost, World Duty Free and now Aldeasa too, are gradually switching to plastic bags made of recycled or bio-degradable material. This initiative is aimed not only at employees but also at consumers who use points of sale everyday and may thus share in the Group’s commitment to nature and the environment.

Further initiatives were taken by HMSHost, including the printing of menus with 20% recycled paper and use of recycled paper napkins, as well as other projects already underway, such as “StartSomeWhere”, a campaign of green messages in retail points of sale, and “Re-Booking”, a charity initiative promoting reuse and recycling of books, in which readers can leave books in HMSHost points of sale and be sure they will be either donated to non-profit associations or recycled to take on a new form.