The environmental dimension of sustainability

The scenario

Environmental issues affect everyone and all sectors of industry, making it necessary to preserve natural resources, regenerate them and safeguard them for future generations. The market itself endorses the logic of business models that provide for recovery and regeneration of natural resources, whose own regenerative capacities have already been serious compromised. Safeguarding biological mechanisms and using resources responsibly, especially renewable and clean energy sources, must be considered an absolute priority.

Although Autogrill isn’t a company with a strong environmental impact, it feels it has a responsibility to reduce energy, water and raw material consumption and promote clean renewable energy.

This is why Autogrill created Afuture, a project now an integral part of its business philosophy and which covers various initiatives to encourage “innovation, less impact on nature and caring for communities and stakeholders”. The project’s philosophy is to shift the entire Autogrill Group towards competitive and sustainable growth.

Topics treated

topics treated