Policies towards stakeholders

On the basis of the values expressed in both the
American and European Codes of Ethics,Politiche_nei_confronti_degli_stakeholder Autogrill decided to define specific policies for each category of stakeholder, establishing priorities and modes of conduct to be adopted in relation to each of them.

Autogrill towards employees: we promote behaviour inspired by a concern for the dignity, safety and rights of every individual. This is a daily commitment, which means providing healthy and safe workplaces, free from any kind of discrimination, and which encourages everyone to express their potential. Clear definition of roles, responsibilities and authority creates the conditions in which people can make decisions in the best interests of the business.

Autogrill towards customers: we assure consumers that quality standards are observed at every stage in the process of providing products and services. We also promote greater awareness of the nutritional and health characteristics of food, support local, and offer wide assortments of goods whilst fully respecting ethnic and multicultural traditions.

Autogrill towards shareholders and the financial community: we intend to increase the value of our shareholders’ investment by guaranteeing the Company’s financial equilibrium and supplying timely, complete and transparent information on the business and the strategies that are adopted.

Autogrill towards suppliers: we foster stable, long-term relationships with suppliers to create reciprocal value. We therefore operate transparently, honestly, impartially and equitably. We also encourage our suppliers to be socially responsible, and we give priority to business relationships with firms that observe international standards and law in terms of personal dignity, working conditions and health & safety.

Autogrill towards landlords and brand partners: we work together with our landlords and brand partners to share the know-how we have gained in the promotion and management of concessions. The effectiveness of our relationships with landlords and partners ensures the highest level of satisfaction for stakeholders.

Autogrill towards the community: we promote participatory dialogue with the local communities in which we operate. We develop projects of mutual interest and organize information campaigns to improve the quality of life and safeguard nature.

Autogrill towards the environment: we promote innovative projects to encourage our stakeholders to adopt clear positions on sustainability issues and the safeguarding of the natural environment. We develop strategies to reduce environmental impact and we invest in research and development for solutions that enhance the quality of the environment.