Afuture, philosophy for a sustainable future

Autogrill sees sustainability as an innovation accelerator that sharpens the Group’s competitive edge Afuture_logo.jpgas well as being an important factor for employee engagement and motivation. Autogrill is committed to developing good sustainability practice in its business sectors to control the impact of its business on society and the environment and at the same time raise its stakeholders’ awareness of such issues.

Aware that the main responsibility for any enterprise is to create value, Autogrill believes it is strategically important that objective be pursued in line with society’s expectations and with citizens’ concern about the environment in particular. Being responsible, and therefore sustainable, becomes a decisive investment in terms of strategy, management and operations.

With this conviction, the Group developed Afuture, a project launched in 2007 and based on its vision of the Autogrill stores of the future, where eco-compatibility and economic containment will be the defining elements. Since then, the project has grown into a fully fledged philosophy of business sustainability and an international laboratory of ideas, designs and best practice at the service of the entire Group. Afuture embraces: innovation in points of sale with renewable energy sources and new best practice between employees and customers (Mensa di Ravenna in Italy and Delaware Center in America); the development of increasingly green concepts, places that welcome consumers into a warm and familiar setting characterized by colours, materials and finishes that evoke nature, and where it’s easy to find quality local or fair-trade products; innovation in individual protection devices guaranteeing high safety standards for employees; environmental and ethical certification (ISO 14001 and SA8000); rethinking of materials, such as pizza packaging, which was redesigned to reduce weight and volume and facilitate disposal; use of recyclable shoppers in Aldeasa, World Duty Free, HMSHost and Autogrill France points of sale.

So Afuture represents the key strategies in Autogrill’s development, the main challenges and opportunities on the social, economic and environmental fronts. The Afuture philosophy reflects the Group’s commitment to a future friendly culture by incorporating a planning approach that is sensitive to the operating environment and rights of everyone in the Group’s operational sectors: Food & Beverage, Travel Retail & Duty-Free, and Flight.

Progress on sustainability has varied according to business sector and country, as outlined in the table below (Afuture Performance) detailing best practices developed by Group companies in 2009.

Afuture project