Autogrill is the world's leading provider of food & beverage and retail services for travellers.

Present in 42 countries with approximately 67,000 employees, it manages more than 5,300 points of sale in over 1,200 locations. It operates mainly through concessions: at airports, along motorways and in railway stations, with a selective presence at shopping centers, trade fairs, museums and other sites of cultural interest.

The Group operates in three business segments: catering (“Food & Beverage”), airport retail (“Travel Retail & Duty-Free”), and the provision of meal and retail services onboard airplanes (“Flight”).

Food & Beverage is its historical business and is well developed mainly in North America and Europe. Travel Retail & Duty-Free has become highly strategic in recent years and is concentrated mostly in Europe, with a significant presence in the Middle East, the Americas and Asia. The Flight business serves airlines based in Europe, Australia and the Middle East, and is a natural extension of its traditional airport operations.

Autogrill manages a portfolio of more than 350 quality brands, directly or under license.

Thanks to its extensive array of international and local offerings, it constantly adapts its service to changing demands, providing consumers and landlords alike with a mix of formulae to fit any occasion.

Autogrill, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, is indirectly controlled by Edizione S.r.l. (the Benetton family’s investment branch) which holds 59.3% of the share capital.