Brand portfolio

The diversity and wealth of our products and brands are a testament to our unique business model. By combining Food & Beverage and Travel Retail & Duty-Free formulas with the brands in our portfolio, we not only meet but anticipate the needs of consumers, while creating an ideal package for every kind of location and concession agreement according to the geographical and cultural context of the given country.

The Group’s portfolio includes more than 350 international and local brands, both proprietary and under license.

In Food & Beverage, Autogrill tailors its portfolio country by country to include global brands, national and local chains, and concepts developed internally. These concepts rely on the Group’s international experience to create innovative formulas in step with the latest trends.

In this vein, Autogrill keeps a close eye on market trends to ensure that consumers find what they want. Regional differentiation is part and parcel of our strategy and is achieved through partnerships with major local caterers and service providers. In the American market, for example, local and regional concepts are steadily growing in importance. More and more, along with the standard international chains that are intrinsic to Autogrill’s portfolio, American consumers hope to experience the cultural identity of the region they are visiting by way of a state’s or a city’s iconic brands. The trend is similar in Europe, but with an even stronger accent on products, especially certified local foods that provide a direct link between the establishment and the surrounding territory.

In Travel Retail & Duty-Free, the commercial logic is somewhat different but the strategy is the same: the brands and assortment of products include major international names as well as shops celebrating local cultural traditions. In some cases, concepts are developed internally to showcase a certain specialty.

Managing these concepts is highly complex for a global corporation like Autogrill, but also a key competitive advantage. The Group’s track record of outperforming market growth and of winning and renewing concessions are solid evidence of its strong brand portfolio.