The Autogrill Group

The Group is structured in business units, which manage operational levers according to objectives and guidelines defined by the corporate executives of Autogrill S.p.A.



The Autogrill Group operates almost exclusively in three business segments: catering (“Food & Beverage” or “F&B”), airport retail (“Travel Retail & Duty-Free” or “TR&DF”), and the provision to airlines of products and services for catering and on-board retail (“Flight”).

Food & Beverage takes place wherever people travel (mostly airports, motorways and railway stations), serving a local, domestic and international clientele. Our offerings strongly reflect the local setting.

To a greater or lesser degree depending on the country and channel, and either separately or in conjunction with food and drink, the F&B units also sell everyday items (newspapers and magazines, tobacco products, toys) and other food and non-food items as well as fuel.

The operational levers are typically assigned to local organisations that are centralised at the country level.

Travel Retail & Duty-Free has a mainly international clientele, and offers a uniform range sometimes supplemented by an assortment of local products. As a result, the operating structure (marketing, purchasing, etc.) is highly centralised. The integration of Alpha’s operations into the segment was completed in 2008. In 2009, the process of integrating key functions concerned Aldeasa S.A. (“Aldeasa”) and World Duty Free Europe Ltd. (“WDF”), and brought the expected synergies to fruition.

Success in the Flight segment is based on the production capacity of the individual units and on good relations with airlines. The operational levers are mainly assigned to local organisations, coordinated centrally by “Alpha Flight”, which acts as the sole interface for the world air traffic market.

The Group operates in 42 countries, in one or more business segments: